About Our Job Portal

Gyan Vedant Foundation®, a Non Governmental Organization, is working for the betterment of the society since long now. Over the years, Gyan Vedant has actively participated in benevolent works. With the motto of selfless service the Foundation is getting ready to launch an online job portal.

India is a country that has gigantic human resources. These resources shall be put in proper areas to keep the nation going on the path of development. Statistics in India suggests that unemployment rate of our country is around 3.53%, which means large chunk of our population still need jobs. Gyan Vedant is launching an online job portal, where prospective employees can be placed into their dream jobs by various companies. It is an online job portal where candidates or job seekers can get their names registered. On the other hand, companies too get themselves registered in the portal. This portal will work as a bridge between the job seekers and the employers. According to survey, around 80% of the placements are done through online job portals. People find it easy and efficient to hire or to get hired through these job portals.

Specifications of Gyan Vedant Job Portal

Free and Easy to Use Portal: Gyan Vedant Job Portal is absolutely free and is easy to access. The easy to use interface makes data filling task hassle free. Moreover one doesn’t have to spend single penny to get them registered on the portal.

Save Time and Money: This online portal will make job searching task easy for both the job seekers and the employers. There are no hidden costs or consultancy charges associated with it. Based on academic performance of the person, Employers/Representatives will approach suitable candidate and place them in their respective companies. This in turn saves time that is spent in hovering around the doorsteps of the agencies/consultancies.

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