About Disaster Management System

Gyan Vedant Foundation india-based non-profit organization to promote the use of free Software Solution named GVF DMS for DISASTER and EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT.GVF DMS is an information management system for emergency preparedness,response,recovery and resilience-building accessible to all.

OUR FELLOWS BUILDS FREE TOOLS TO HELP PEOPLE PREPARE FOR AND RESPOND TO DISASTERS.The first version of GVF DMS was created in india to help coordinate the response to the society.Fani cyclone and the management done by our Indian Government have set a paradigm among all the nations. Preparedness well in advance to any kind of disaster reduces the casualties and loss of life. With the same intention, we have developed a ready to use disaster management app that would be of utmost help in crisis management. The proposed app would work as a bridge between society and the administration during natural or man-made calamities. The affected persons and the rescuers can get into touch with one another at one go. We feel proud to promote this free and ready to use software solution named GVF DMS, which mainly focuses on Disaster and Emergency Management. GVF DMS, the one of a kind app in India which would help and coordinate the response to the society. To conclude with we can say that we provide a one-stop solution at your fingertip. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure; preparedness can reduce the number of casualties in devastating situations like a flood, cyclone, earthquake and many more. This app would not only help in rehabilitating the lives of the affected but also will keep the people prepared to face the drastic situations well in advance.


Make India disaster resilient, achieve substantial disaster risk reduction, and significantly decrease the losses of life, livelihoods, and assets – economic, physical, social, cultural, and environmental – by maximizing the ability to cope with disasters at all levels of administration as well as among communities.We are helping the administration and the civil society by managing and maintaining the data directories related to entire State

Our Causes

Empowering businesses to get reliable resources on time for the successful completion of their projects.


Helping with the details of best hospitals which is nearest to the incident area.


Providing information of shelters for the needy at the time disaster would be provided.

Fire Service

Giving details of nearest fire stations to prevent the loss of life, property damage and etc.

Relief Goods Warehouse

Providing details of goods available for the needy in different location will be provided.

Weather Forecast

Informing them for analysing data from worldwide weather stations to improve weather prediction models.


Sending volunteers to rescue people from disaster through this sofware management.


Providing contact details of the respective department at the time of disaster and wil provide the assets as required.

Blood Banks

Giving the address of nearest blood banks in case of emergency

Food Facilities

Informing various NGOs so that they can arrange food for the victims.

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